If you don't Stand Up for Something, You will fall for Anything.

Our Mission

Our Mission with this event is to empower each individual person watching to know that his and her single efforts make all the difference in moving our communities forward. 

We are artists, activists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs working together to make a positive and motivating impact. 

We are a global movement that believes our young global citizens deserve events and media packed with inspiration and empowering messages. 

We are brands like yours, with a culture of support, with a voice, and with a message. 

We are the change we want to see in the world.



What we do…

We celebrate those who STAND UP,

INSPIRE, and use their influence to

EMPOWER others.

We provide platforms for brands that are willing to take a stand, challenge the status quo, and challenge their competitors to do the same.

We honor brands, celebrities, athletes, artists, activists, social entrepreneurs, and individuals who create and promote social change.

We organize events, concerts, and gatherings.

We bring like-minded people together.




TIMES SQUARE, in New York City, 

with a unique LIVE EVENT 

300,000+ people STRONG!