Our Impact

Stand Up For Something

World Artists United and LTC (Local Talent Connect) team up for a biannual event to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations that stand up for something and are a part of a collective global movement to spread peace and unity.

It’s not about solving ONE problem, but rather reminding everyone of the impact we can each make by following our individual passion and uniting to find solutions together.

Stand Up for Something  is a 5 hour tribute concert in the heart of Times Square, New York to honor ARTISTS, ATHLETES, ACTIVISTS AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS who stand for something and take personal action by getting involved with their communities, starting their own charities or social enterprise, creating empowering content, igniting social change via social media, film, and more.

The program features a variety of captivating interviews, a multicultural fashion show, and live artistic performances such as world champion breakdancers, winners of a citywide vote for the best MTA subways artists, rising young talent throughout New York and world renown artists who create music that moves and inspires us everyday.



The purpose of the concert is to celebrate inspirational stories of change-makers, from everyday individuals to athletes, artists, influencers and today’s top brand that go untold. The media often features the flaws in people and challenges around the world, but who is uplifting those making change and inspiring others everyday as well?

Proceeds from the event will serve to build a positive and inspirational media platform that inspires and empowers people to stand up for things they believe in, follow their passion, and move communities forward. The media site will feature inspirational stories around the world that uplift and empower readers and will provide a directory to help people find charities, community organizations, and social entrepreneurs who align with their passion or purpose.

New York is the best place in the world for this event as there is no better city in the world that embraces diversity and inspires social action.  

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