If you don't Stand Up for Something, You will fall for Anything.

Our Mission:


StandUP is an awareness event created to inspire people to take action together... follow their passion and live life with purpose.


Our Mission

The mission & purpose of the event is to celebrate those who Stand Up For Something, thru inspirational stories of change-makers, from everyday individuals to athletes, artists, influencers and today’s top brands that go untold. Learn More


The Event:

Stand Up for Something  is a 5 hour tribute concert in the heart of Times Square, New York to honor ARTISTS, ATHLETES, ACTIVISTS AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS who stand for something and take personal action by getting involved with their communities, starting their own charities or social enterprise, creating empowering content, igniting social change via social media, film, and more.

2019’s event: NOVEMBER 16TH, 2019 in the heart of TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK, NY.



thousand people

Over 20,000 people an hour and about 400,000 people a day visit Times Square, New York City.



Artistic Performances

From Sustainable Fashion lines to some of the World’s top influencers and change-makers. This year we will include the amazing journey from the subway to the stage from some of the NYC’s MTA’s best!



Charities will be directly impacted

Some of New York’s most important change-makers happen to be charities that work in their communities.


FEBRUARY 14 2019


Julia Wilson, Director, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen / Read Full Article



Get Involved & Sponsor

People from all over the world want to be a part of something special, StandUp connects people to meaningful causes and service opportunities that create positive change in our communities and build a stronger city and global community.


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